locate your laptop


Locate My Laptop
Step One
Once you have downloaded and installed the LocateMyLaptop software on your laptop computer there is nothing else you need to do to start tracking the location of your laptop.  LocateMyLaptop software works in stealth and you (or the thief) wouldn’t even know that it is there.

Step One
With LocateMyLaptop, you can monitor the location of your laptop computer and get notified of ALL movements associated with the registered laptop.  You?ll know at all times where your laptop computer is from ANY internet connected computer and from ANYWHERE!

Step One
If your laptop computer ever gets lost/stolen, sign-in to your LocateMyLaptop.com account from ANY computer and you not only can track the location of your laptop, but also remotely delete or shred the data beyond retrieval on your lost or stolen laptop com.

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