Loan for Agriculturists {Mahabank Kisan Credit Card]


Loan for Agriculturists

Mahabank Kisan Credit Card

Purpose Cultivation of crops
Meeting the short-term credit needs of farmers for crop production and allied activities etc.
Maintenance of farm equipments etc.
Eligibility Agriculturist who owns agricultural land
Amount As decided by District Technical committee & limit worked out for the purpose.
Security Mortgage of land.
Hypothecation of crop/Assets.
Repayment Revolving credit facility for 3 years.
Coinciding with harvesting of crops-season/marketing of produce.
Other Terms & Conditions Assured and timely availability of working capital for crop cultivation.
Borrowers are covered under personal accident insurance scheme.
Insurance for notified crops is available.

Minor Irrigation for Agriculturists

Purpose Digging of new wells, revitalization of existing well, purchase of oil engine, electric motor, pump set installation of pipe line, sprinkler, irrigation, drip irrigation, tube well, bore well, etc.
Eligibility Agriculturist who owns agricultural land.
Amount For new dug wells as per the NABARD Unit costs for equipments/estimates.
Security Mortgage of land,
Hypothecation of movable assets and guarantors.
Repayment Depending upon the repaying capacity 7 to 11 years.
Other Terms & Conditions Proposed well should be located in white watershed area. It should not be in dark watershed area.

Farm Mechanisation for Agriculturists

Purpose Purchase of Tractors/Power tillers
Purchase of Harvesters
Purchase of Threshers & other farm implements
Eligibility Agriculturist who owns at least 8 acres of Irrigated land. The Tractor should get at least 1500 hrs of work in a year.
Amount As per cost of machinery
Security Hypothecation of Tractor/trolley and accessories,
Mortgage of land.
Repayment 7 to 9 years.
Other Terms & Conditions Comprehensive insurance of machinery with bank clause.

Animal Husbandry

Purpose Purchase of Cows/Buffaloes
Poultry- Broiler Farm, Layers Farm, Hatchery
Sheep/Goat Rearing
Construction of Byre, Purchase of Machinery
Working Capital Requirements.
Eligibility Agriculturist, agri. Labour and / or those who have necessary expertise.
Amount Animal cost - As per NABARD unit costs
Others- as per the project.
Security Hypothecation of Animals/Plant Machinery to be purchased
Mortgage of land.
Repayment 4 to 5 years with suitable installments.
Other Terms & Conditions Insurance of all animals is essential.


Purpose Cultivation of fruit crops-mango, Pomegranate, Grapes etc.
Eligibility Agriculturist with adequate provision of irrigation
Amount As per NABARD Unit costs/ Project
Security Mortgage of land.
Hypothecation of crops.
Repayment Within 15 years.

Scheme for Financing Setting Up of
Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres for Agriculture Graduates

Purpose Setting up of Agriclinics
Setting up of Agribusiness Centers.
Eligibility Agriculture graduates
Amount Individiuals Max. Rs 10 lakh, Group Rs 50 lakh
Security Hypothecation of Assets created out of bank loan
Mortgage of land.
Repayment 5 to 10 years.

Scheme for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Land

Purpose Purchase of land
Eligibility Small & Marginal farmers, share croppers/Tenant farmers.
Amount Maximum Rs 15,00,000/-
Security Mortgage of land.
Hypothecation of crop/Assets.
Repayment As per the repaying capacity & incremental income.
Other Terms & Conditions Total land holding including proposed land should not exceed 5 acres.

Scheme for Financing Two Wheelers to Farmers

Purpose Purchase of two wheeler.
Eligibility Net annual Agril. Income above Rs 50,000/- or 5 acres of irrigated land.
Amount Max. Rs 50,000/-
Security Hypothecation of Asset.
Repayment 3 to 5 years.

Consumer Loans to Farmers

Purpose Purchase of consumer durables.
Eligibility Net annual Agril. Income above Rs 50,000/- or 5 acres of irrigated/10 acres seasonally irrigated land.
Amount Max. Rs 50,000/-, for four wheelers Max. Rs 2 lakh.
Margin 10%
Security Hypothecation of assets.
Repayment 3 to 5 years.

Hi-tech Projects

Purpose Hi-tech projects.
Eligibility Agriculturist with knowledge of advance techniques in the farming.
Amount As per the project cost.
Security Hypothecation of goods
Other collateral security.
Repayment Within 6 to 8 years.


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