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Consumer & Online Marketing Jobs

Each day, more people are spending more time online—always connected, using multiple devices. The goal of Consumer & Online (C&O) is to build consumer loyalty and enable a seamless consumer experience across Windows, mobile devices, and online properties. We couldn’t do this without close cooperation of a broad network of retail and online partners, PC and device manufacturers, advertisers, and publishers. You’ll find all kinds of talent in C&O: content development, marketing, advertising sales, business development, operations, and technical. We offer world-class advertising sales, consumer marketing, and creative services to our partners and advertisers. We help them build consumer loyalty by targeting their unique styles and needs. Our consumer marketing team is also responsible for evangelizing the breadth and value of Microsoft's consumer offerings including Windows, Windows Mobile, MSN, Windows Live (which includes Hotmail and Messenger), Bing, and other advertising-supported services. Our business is to help consumers experience a “Life without Walls,” and we hire outstanding people to do so. 

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